Top Tips for Staying on Track While Travelling

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Whether it’s going away for a holiday or travelling for work, it seems that we are always on the go. But when it comes to keeping on track with your fitness routine, quite often being away from home means it all goes to pot. But with your Mastered Fit plan at your fingertips then it doesn’t need to. Sp, instead of having that feeling of starting from scratch every time you come back home, follow these 7 simple steps and prepare yourself for SUCCESS!

Pack Your Gym Essentials - Everyone has those certain things which they cannot do without when training, so why leave them at home? Don’t give yourself a reason to not be able to get a good session in! Pack your headphones, lifting belt, vest, favourite leggings so you can train the way you like to. If you’ve got a leg day planned then choose the lifting shoes over your triple white 350’s!

Find a gym - In an ideal world, book a hotel which has a gym in it but if not google the local gyms and find one close by. Make your daily trip to the gym as easy as possible by simply staying close by. Don’t make your training feel like an inconvenience by having to travel miles each day.

Have a playlist saved to your device - We live in an age of streaming so Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music have become our main tools of choice for getting in the zone and focussed during our gym sessions. There’s nothing worse than training without music, so before you leave your house download your favourite playlist to your device and that way you don’t have to rely on the internet.

Keep wearing your fitness tracker - Whether it’s your Fitbit, smartwatch or smartphone, keep monitoring your daily activity in the same way you would at home. It will help to keep you motivated and ensure your activity levels are consistent.

Continue to count your calories - 2 weeks, 1 week, even a few days of off-plan eating can have serious consequences and put you weeks if not months behind and undo a lot of the hard work you’ve put in. That pastry that you thought only had 250 calories in it, will more than likely have double. The best way to avoid any major setbacks is to plan your meals so ask yourself these questions: is there a kitchen available? What are the local restaurants? Is there a grocery store nearby? Know exactly what you are fuelling your body with.

Follow your workout plan - You’re in a strange gym, in a different city or country but that doesn’t mean you can’t be consistent. Stay on track and pick up where you left off at home with your Mastered Fit plan.

With these tips and your personalised Mastered Fit plan, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to stay on track with your fitness goals. It may take a little more effort but it will 100% be worth it.